Editorial Board Member, College English (2016-present).


Editorial Advisory Board Member, CCCC Studies in Writing and Rhetoric series (2015-present).


Guest Co-Editor, College English, Special Issue on Re-Imagining the Social Turn in Composition Studies. June 2014.


Executive Board Member, QED: A Journal in GLBTQ World Making (2012-present).


Editorial Board Member, Technoculture: A Journal of Technology in Society (2011-present).


Guest Co-Editor, Reflections: A Journal of Writing, Community Literacy, and Service Learning, Special Issue on Queering Service Learning. Spring 2010.


Interviews Editor, Composition Forum: A Journal of Pedagogical Theory in Rhetoric and Composition (2009-2016).


Founding Co-Editor, Meat: A Journal of Writing and Materiality. ISSN 1549-4454. 2004-2007.


Guest Editor, Computers & Composition Online, Special Issue on Sexualities, Technologies, and the Teaching of Writing. Fall 2004.


Faculty Editor/Advisor, The Pacific Review (2000-2002).


Co-Editor, JAC: A Journal of Composition Theory Online (1997-2000).


Assistant Book Review Editor, JAC: A Journal of Composition Theory (1996-1997).


Ten years’ prior experience in editing, typesetting, and graphic design at newspapers and graphics studios.